Collections Management

The evaluation and shaping of a collection is a natural progression from valuation advice and the A+O team provides a unique service to advise public and private clients on acquisition and divestment strategies.

These skills involve contextualizing a collection both in terms of market trends and the collection remit, i.e. ensuring that where possible the theme of the collection does not feature omissions or suggesting complimentary directions or additions.

A+O’s Collection management service includes:

Catalogue preparation and documentation: Recommended for the serious collector who is looking to augment their collection with an archive of relevant documents and includes assembling copies of all relevant texts, magazine articles and related reproductions. 


In effect the creation of a reference library around a collection and the artists. ART+OBJECT also appends a Market Report of all relevant auction sales of works.

Divestment strategy: marketing recommendations for works within a collection or the entire collection if divestment is a chosen option.