Rare Books including the Library of J.G. Wilson

3rd May 2017

Auction Summary

The auction will take place on Wednesday 3 May at 12 noon and features the library of J.G. Wilson [1882-1997], noted farmer, historian and author of ‘History of Hawkes Bay’ written for New Zealand’s Centenary in 1940. The Wilson library consists of some 350 lots and includes a definitive collection of Pacific Voyages and Travels as well as classic New Zealand first editions, such as John Savage’s ‘Some Account of New Zealand’ and Sir Richard Owen’s ‘Memoirs on the Extinct Wingless Birds of New Zealand’. The Wilson library is the finest offered at auction in recent years and also features a number of original letters and sketches from H.G. Robley to Elsdon Best as well as a selection of Maori artifacts including toki, a fine taiaha, a hoe or paddle previously in the collection of James Cowan and an early East Coast whaling harpoon.

Other items of importance consigned include:

- A rare hand written journal detailing an account  of the ‘Second Attempted Voyage to the South Seas’ by William Gregory, a missionary on the voyage. The journal will be sold with the first edition of the printed account ‘A Visible Display of Divine Providence or, The Journal of a Captured Missionary’, London 1800 and a contemporary nautical almanac filled in with dates relative to the voyage.

- A rare hand coloured copy of Augustus Earle’s ‘Sketches Illustrative of the Native Inhabitants of New Zealand’. London 1838. 


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